​Your loved ones welcome the opportunity to connect with you, to deliver messages of love and healing.  They want you to know they are still connected; they haven't left you because they have transitioned to the Spiritual Realm and are in the Divine Light.

Mediumship reading are a beautiful experience.  Your loved ones will infuse me with their personalities, thoughts and emotions that were intrinsic to them them here in the physical world.  This is so you can validate it is them!  If they were a boisterous personality here, then they will be boisterous also when they connect.  There is never any judgement for us here, readings are filled with love, laughter, forgiveness, and peace. 

What is communicated is unique to each reading, but a session usually begins by me seeing what the person looked like, usually about the age they passed. Although often once we acknowledge who the energy is, they will show themselves as healthy and vibrant, so you know that how it is for them in the Spiritual Realm.  Names sometimes come through clearly, other times it might be the first 
initial.  Often they will tell me how they passed by making my body feel the pain and/or illness they had before departing.  Or even a long term illness, such as Diabetes or Alzheimers.  This is all to acknowledge the specific details of the person's energy.

Once we validate who the spirit energy is, communication is even stronger.  Be open to whatever comes through!  Sometimes it is about recent times, other times they will talk about an event or time of many years past.  It is amazingly detailed and specific, and sometimes even so buried in your memory you really have to think about it!  But once you get the 'Aha! I know what they are talking about!' moment, it is a beautiful connection.  That is why it is very important to not say "No, I don't know what that is or what they are talking about".  Negative energy might make communication difficult.  If that is the case, please say something to the effect of "I don't recall that right now", or "I'll have to think about that".  More often than not, whatever came through that you didn't recognize, will more than likely make sense later in the reading, or even after your reading is completed.

They will even tell me about something that has happened in your life since their passing.  This is so you know their spirit was with you at that moment!  Maybe even future events that will make sense to you later.

I can't guarantee who will come through, so please be open to whoever is there.  It is absolutely fine to want to hear from a particular person, just keep an open mind.  Usually clients do connect with whom they wanted to, just be prepared for other family and friends also.