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How are you able to connect with those in the Divine Light of the Spiritual Realm?

I am clairvoyant – this means I am able to see images.  The images aren’t like turning on the TV, they are very brief and quick!  Sometimes I can ‘see’ a full picture of what is being communicated, other times it’s bits and pieces.  Those in the Divine Light can use this means to communicate what they looked like, a favorite item, a fond memory they share with you, etc.  Sometimes even an event that has happened to you since their crossing over, which gives you validation they were with you at that time.

I am clairaudient – I can hear what they are trying to convey.  Again, it’s also not crystal clear, but swift and rapid.  For example, it can sometimes be a full name, or maybe only the first initial of a name.  I have my own set of symbols that can be heard and/or seen, and this seems to help the communication also.

Finally, I am clairsentient – I feel and sense what they are sending us during the Reading.  I will often feel a health ailment, for example if they suffered a heart attack, I feel pain in my chest and left arm.  I feel the emotion they want to convey to you, and that wave of emotion can be so tangible and powerful, truly amazing.  

It's no wonder my middle name is Claire!  

Can I expect, without a doubt, to hear from a particular person?

No.  I cannot guarantee who will come through.  More often than not though, clients do hear from who they wanted to.  And don’t be surprised who is there!  I’ve had several generations, extended family, family friends, and more.  It can be quite astounding who shows up!  One example, a client’s husband’s family were the main focus of the reading, and her husband wasn’t even there!

Can you connect with my deceased pet?

It’s not frequent, but every now and then a family/favorite pet will come through.  I have had the privilege of conducting almost the entire Reading from the pet’s perspective a few times, and it was an amazing experience.  Often those in the Spiritual Realm will talk about their pets that are now with them in Heaven, and it’s so enjoyable to hear about all the fun they are having together!

How do I prepare for my Reading?

It’s best to let fear go!  There is nothing to be nervous about!   Readings are wonderful and enjoyable experience.  If you are relaxed and not nervous, it will aid the energy flow.  Before the Reading, spend time thinking about who you want to hear from and messages you want to receive.  Again, please remember to be open about who comes through.  Spirit loves the opportunity to connect with you, so there might be several loved ones waiting for their turn!  Please visit Tips for a Good Reading page for more info.

I’ve been to other Mediums, will your Reading be the same as them? 

Nope. We are all different!  How we connect is as individual and unique as a personality.  

Personalities – will those who have crossed over have the same personality in the Spiritual Realm?

For the most part, yes.  That’s one of the things that make it so interesting and fun!  If Uncle Joe was goofy and liked to make you laugh, he will do so also for your Reading!  I’ve also experienced, if there was something not so positive about their personality here on Earth, they acknowledge that and make amends. If you ask your loved ones during your session for advice, remember that advice will still be from their personal perspective.

Will I be judged and/or criticized for my current life choices?

Please understand, I conduct my readings with the utmost empathy and sensitivity.   I have done readings where the person crossed over maybe because of bad choices in some form, but please know, from the bottom of my heart, there is no judgment from me.  Spirit also doesn’t judge you!  That’s one of the reasons I am a Medium, the connection of love is so powerful and omnipresent, it overrides our earthly challenges!

How often can I get a Reading?

Personally, I suggest at least 5 -6 months between readings.   The energy flow and connection aren’t as strong if sessions are too close together.

How soon after someone has passed can I connect with them?

In my experience, you can connect with someone as soon as you are ready. Whether it’s been 3 days or 3 months, the most important factor is if you are ready to connect.